Earth’s Survival: Decoding Climate Science

    Made in consultation with the IPCC and world leading climate scientists, this one-hour documentary takes a look at the top 7 things we really need to understand about the climate report. It decodes thousands of pages of scientific data into digestible, easy to understand science, punctuated in places by clever, creative CGI. Blue-chip, panoramic, and visually rich this one hour special moves across the globe from the Himalayas to Antarctica, the Amazon Rainforest to the High Arctic.

    It seeks to explore the big headlines: Loss of Ecosystems, Water Crisis, Food, Energy, Health, Oceans, Rate of Change – to really understand the status of the planet and its timeline to change.

    It also explores tremendous opportunities, the exciting time to live on earth, a moment of great transition for energy, food, energy – the only word that it implies is REVOLUTION.

    We have some time to figure things out – but we don’t have time to waste, is the message of the frontline researchers. They find a coherent picture, the information is in the data, and we need to decode it NOW!

    Directed by Liz Courtney, Australia and Joerg Altekruse, Germany.
    A Zeitfilm and Unboxed Media Co-production with WDR Germany and SRF Switzerland.

    The Mitigation Train is waiting at the station, it has to take off quickly at very high speed and the whole world needs to be onboard….”Chair of the IPCC Dr. PachauriDr Pachauri

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