March for the Arctic

    Meet the eTeam
    They are already successful on the field. Soccer players, activists, explorers. Young people from six continents form team earth. They are the eTeam, and together they are about to “March for the Arctic” to fight for their future this August 2014

    Join them as they report back, explore, engage, entertain and educate with the eTeam.
    Its August 2014… six people from six continents a group of high profile teenagers from China, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany and the USA explore the arctic.

    What they find is less and less ice. They film their experience both personally on Ipads, and by film crew and share it with us around the world. Because they’re from six continents, the children and young explorers draw us into their understanding. Scientists meet and instruct them. They post that questions and answers on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social media platforms.

    They share stories about; polar bear, arctic fox, leopard seal habitats, changing ice-flow and polar ice-sheet, wind and weather patterns, Inuit way of life, melting permafrost and how all of these change affect life on planet earth.

    Series HD, 6 x 30 mins            Plus Digital: 30 x 3 mins

    Partners in this series:
    Singapore: Sustainable Green Solutions:
    Singapore Environmental Council: