Youth 4 Planet

    2015 Youth4planet premiered at IMAX cinema Paris
    Over the last 10 years Unboxed Media has lead the way in bring the climate system story to life: we have participated in Climate Week in New York, worked alongside the IPCC, shared the stage at COP 21, spoken at multiple events across the globe, lived in the Amazon, dogsled and filmed in the North Pole, climb to base camp in the Himalaya’s and journeyed with leading scientists to the bottom of the world – Antarctica. At no time have we ever given up on our mission to educate, immerse and communicate the most important stories of humanity at this critical junction of our time. However, our approach has evolved to digital and this is the reason why! Generational change cannot occur without education. The management of climate solutions are critical to the FUTURE of our planet. But who will make these decisions? Millennials will. How do we reach them, where do we find them? In school, in university, living in the digital world, in social communities, on their mobile phones! Our focus has shifted from the tradition content delivery to a multi-layered digital content – we are chasing the Millenniums day from dawn to dusk with content, and new apps

    Our mission is to educate and empower the current and future generations on climate change science, solutions, and opportunities that they can engage in to change their world now and in the future.
    Youth4planet is a global education program set around the adventures of a team of E-teamers of different nationalities who set out on a mission to Re-discover Earth, to learn about the function of the climate elements, meet leading scientists, and seek innovative solutions that can be adapted for positive change.

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