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    Meet The Team

    DIRECTOR Liz Courtney has created a creative hub of factual film makers from producers and editors, to CGI Designers, Social Media Strategists, and Educational specialists.


    Mother of three, Liz had a major career change in her early 40’s moving from brand strategy and marketing communications to Factual Programming.  Over the last 10 years has made over 40 documentaries, and has found a passion for sustainable /environment projects driven by her desire to try to secure a better future for her children and the next generation. In addition, going to Antarctica she says was a life changing experience which fuelled the development of the companies recent international series The Tipping Points a 6 x 1 hr series, versioned in English, Dutch, German, and French. To date it has played in over 40 countries, has multiple versions, website, AP , Facebook, Twitter and Blog site.

    Over the last seven years, Liz has also produced and directed over 40 documentaries, including; director/producer of a 4 x 30 mins prime time series for SBSTV Angels in New York to director of a global youth environmental program called Cool School Antarctica for Nickelodeon, NHK Japan, Discovery Canada, CCTV China, The Australian Network, NITV Australia.  Series have also included, Director Executive Producer of a 10x 30 mins Adventure/Arts series for Discovery HD called Monumental Vision, a 7x 30 min series titled Art in Reverse for Ovation and ABC TV, a 3 x 23 min series for NITV titled Our Story and a new 3 x 60 min HD series for Discovery called Mega Art.  Other productions include: Executive Producer: Sculpture by the Sea ABC Australia, and a Mandarin version for Star TV Asia, Executive Producer: East Meets West with Screen West for ABCTV, ArtExpress 1 x 12mins for ABC TV and Opera Diaries for Ovation and ABC TV.

    Joerg Altekruse
    German Partner

    Joerg Altekruse started his career in 1985 as a documentary film author, director and tv producer as well as media artist focusing on environmental themes, sustainable technologies and social change. Together with Roland Musolff, composer, editor, producer he founded ZEITFILM. Today ZEITFILM Media GmbH offers HD production and studio facilities and is working with an international network of partners like Unboxed Media, National Geographic TV-I and many major TV stations.

    Joerg Altekruse has created and produced numerous films and spots at the nexus of history, culture and science, and has an oustanding record as media adviser and campaign developer for public and private ventures.

    Activities include TIPPING POINTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE, German co-producer, SEEDS OF FREEDOM – SIMON BOLIVAR, International documentary feature in cooperation with WDR / ARTE 2012 – 2014. CHILDRENS RIGHTS, concept, development, intermedia and iBook production in cooperation with German government agencies, 2012-2014, SHIBUSA SHIRAZU ORCHESTRA. Portrait of the famous Japanese jazz and performance ensemble and its leader Daisuke Fuwa, Tokyo. 45/60 min. SUSTAINABLE BULDING PRACTISES. A multimedia and film project in cooperation with the Technical University of Dortmund, and partners from the building industry. 2009 – 2013, Global Sculpture and Concert. Web art project. Other projects were HANNIBALS ELEPHANTS exploring leadership in the antique. BILL GATES PROGRAMMING THE WORLD, portrait of an industry leader. HARRY AND THE OZONE LAYER, about the implementation of the CFC-free refrigerator. CLOUDS OVER LAKE BAYKAL, about the soul of worlds biggest freshwater lake in Siberia and its people.

    Bernice Notenboom

    Bernice Notenboom is climate journalist, science writer, keynote speaker and professional adventurer. In 2008 she became the first woman to reach the North, South, and Cold Pole (in Siberia) and traversing Greenland’s icecap on skis in one year. In 2009 she reached the top of the Mount Everest. Leaving the Netherlands in her mid twenties for a fast-groomed career track of a MBA, Wall Street and Microsoft, she quit her job and moves to rural Utah and starts the rafting company Moki Treks.

    After Conservation International and National Geographic Traveler nominated her for best environmental practices, Notenboom sold her business and plunges into a career of a professional adventurer. She leads a life of extremes, fast paced, spanning over 70 countries and numerous indigenous cultures. She skies, climbs, kayaks and ride camels and horses on all continents but nothing prepared her for the experiences in the Arctic and Antarctic. On assignment for National Geographic Traveler she discovers the fragility of the arctic sea ice. Over the next five years, Bernice sets out to report about the changing climate of extreme environments. She skis in the Arctic and Antarctic, climbs in the Himalaya and kayaks a river in the Sahara. Her films Himalaya Alert about her climb on Mount Everest and the threat of the Asian Brown Cloud and The Niger; a river under siege about monsoonal changes affecting tribes in the Sahara, aired on public broadcast channels in Europe and Canada and toured in film festivals around the globe. Himalaya Alert won best environmental film at the Trento Film Festival in Italy and in Graz, Austria. Her book Poles Apart was nominated for the Dutch literature award and is translated in German and Swedish.

    Notenboom was part of the official Dutch delegation to the climate conference in Copenhagen. She gives sustainability seminars, consult green strategies with corporations, speaks at TEDx conferences and writes for National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic (Dutch edition) Outside Magazine, Volkskrant and the Financial Times among other publications. She is also a radio correspondent for NPR’s Savvy Traveler and Living on Earth. Currently, Bernice is the presenter/co-producer of Tipping Points, a 6 x 1 hour series about tipping points in our climate system for The Weather Channel in the United States, and broadcasters in Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan and Holland. Bernice spends her time between Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Fernie in Canada.

    Steve Burns
    Executive Producer – USA

    Executive Producer WNET- PBS,
    Managing Director and Producer
    Roller Coaster Road Production
    Currently, Steve Burns is Executive Producer/ Consultant of WNET’s long-running Secrets of the Dead series for PBS. He is also Managing Director for Roller Coaster Road Productions, a media company producing programs for networks and the web worldwide.
    His career spans more than 25 years from National Geographic cinematographer/ producer to senior executive positions at Discovery Networks, returning to National Geographic as Executive Vice President of Global Content for NGC worldwide. Recent programming highlights include: Cosmic Shore for NHK/NOVA, Dad’s On Ice for Nat Geo Wild, Brain Games, Great Migrations, Inside the Vietnam War, Untamed Americas, Bush 9/11 Interview.
    Prior to joining NGC, Burns served as Executive Vice President and Chief Science Editor at Discovery Networks, responsible for nearly 2,000 hours of programming per year across 10 Discovery nets. Programming highlights: Titanic Live, Behind the Terror, 100 Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye, Unsolved History, The Ultimate Guide, Raising the Mammoth.
    From 2003 to 2005, Burns was Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Science Channel. He has won multiple industry awards, including two Emmys for 5 Years on Mars and Spirit of the Rainforest. His teams have been nominated for two Academy Awards, over 200 Emmy nominations, including dozens of wins, and two Peabody Awards.

    Al Moore
    Creative Designer

    Al Moore is a Broadcast Designer and Visual Communicator specialising in Titles Direction and Graphics for documentaries, TV and Film.
    Al has over 15 years experience as a Designer and Director for high-end Commercials, cutting his design teeth at Window Productions and Ridley Scott & Associates.
    Al has led teams in complex productions for brands like BMW, HSBC and Newscorp.
    Al has transferred his high-end design and visual communication skills to create cutting edge titles and graphics for award winning documentaries.
    Highlights are Earth Vision Award (Tokyo) winning “Honey Bee Blues” (SBS), AACTA and 3D Society award-winning “Storm Surfers” (Feature/Discovery Channel, ), “Barney’s Barrier Reef” (BBC) and currently producing all the graphics for “The Lost Aviator” (Feature).
    Recently, Al was lead designer and created all the graphics and Titles for The Tipping Points 6 episodes – the latest production of many collaborations with Liz Courtney and the team at Unboxed Media.

    With his amazing research background, Al is able to parlay between Film makers and any docu-centric specialist thrown his way : scientists, 3D departments, FX teams
    Al strives to bridge the gap from complex models to simple understandable informative graphics.
    Before his career in Film, Al worked and studied in the field of Material Science. His father Dr Francis Moore (d.phil) more was part of Nobel Prize winning Oxford University research team that discovered and mapped vitamin b12. Pioneering work in Crystallography.

    The Art of the Title sequence is his passion and this is reflected in the graphics featured in Tipping Points.
    Al is currently represented for TVC direction by or can be contacted direct at