Future Cities 2100


    By 2100, more than 100 cities on earth will have populations of over 50-million. That’s 50 million people to house, feed, entertain, employ, transport and keep safe. This is not the apocalyptic Hollywood version, rather the vision of the today’s problem solver for a liveable future. How will this be done? What will it look like?  How will we live? What extraordinary solutions and ideas will need to be found to make this a reality?

    Future City 2100 will show us.
    Through cutting edge CGI and interactive second screen platforms, your audience will help build a virtual mega city of the future that will rise digitally from the ground up. For the first time, we enable the viewer to be part of the design process to make smart future cities.  Ultimately, second screen viewers will be able to walk the streets 100-years in the future…a sort of Google Maps Street a time machine to the future.

    Key international experts from the world’s most dynamic and forward thinking cities and institutions will take us into the field to experience tomorrows technologies at play today.  Narrator lead, we will explore the revolutions in design and construction, in predicting urban interaction and transport of tomorrow.  Mostly future shows are mired in the present but this will take you into the future and allow you to explore the streetscape and construct of our Future in 2100. By working with companies such as Dassault Systemes, we will create Future City 2100 by using distributive computing, finite analysis software, and allow the viewer to engage in an active not passive mode.