Oceans: The Last Frontier


    Oceans the Last Frontier sets out to identify and explore the culprits that are altering the oceans existence and our very way of life in Australia from an indigenous perspective.  Oceans play a critical stabilising role in the climate system- with change comes unknown climate scenarios. Oceans: the Last Frontier focuses on the silent crisis, the tipping points below the horizon that will impact everyone in the region and require some indigenous communities to move from their land, as inundation challenges their way of life “living off the land”.  Combining scientific explorations and real personal stories, Oceans: the Last Frontier immerses the viewers above and below the waves in HD vision to reveal the untold story about the impact our changing climate system, driving by ocean current will play on indigenous peoples in Australia.

    It is presented by indigenous environmental ambassadors, Narelle Long and Malcolm Lynch, the first indigenous young peoples to journey to Antarctica in 2010 and carried The Earth Hour Lantern to Antarctica.  In this episode they join Climate Journalist Bernice Notenboom as she travels across The South Pacific to look at how Oceans play a major driving role in our changing climate system, and why Australia, a continent surrounded by Oceans is the second most vulnerable nation on the planet


    Format: 1 x 52 mins
    Available: March 2014

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